Lines for deep sea trolling

best Asso Fishing Line lines

In the world of Asso Fishing Line, the passion for fishing merges with technological innovation to offer fishermen the most advanced and high-performance tools.

Our range of fishing lines is designed to overcome every challenge, from lines suitable for deep sea trolling to tropical marlin thanks to their amazing breaking strength; to threads more suitable for the Mediterranean Sea, where the main prey is often represented by schooling tuna, swordfish and imperial garfish.

The most used nylon lines in deep sea trolling

Asso Triple Force< /strong> and Asso Double Strength are recognized as 2 of the best lines for boat fishing and deep sea trolling. Both available in a high range of diameters, they have in common tenacity, reliability and the fact of being used - depending on the occasion - both as a bobbin line and as a terminal.


Triple Force

High-tech monofilament with an extraordinary breaking load which makes it one of the most robust on the market, also in the version IGFA


Double Strenght Ultrasoft

Monofilament for deep sea fishing suitable for those looking for softness and ease of use, without sacrificing high resistance and breaking load.

Fluorocarbon lines for deep sea trolling

The Asso Fishing Line range includes various 100% fluorocarbon lines, suitable for all situations and needs. Among these, due to the particular characteristics that distinguish them, stand out Asso Invisibile Pinkand Asso Superfluorcarbon High Stretchbut they are not the only threads that will give you great satisfaction.

Asso Invisible Pink

Available in a wide range of diameters, Asso Invisibile Pink is an ideal line for deep sea trolling

Designed for boat fishing, the pink color significantly amplifies its invisibility, especially in the first few meters underwater. It has controlled rigidity to resist variations in marine currents and is also packaged on an extra large spool to avoid mechanical memory during pre-use.


ASSO Superfluorocarbon High Stretch

Innovative high elongation fluorocarbon.

An ideal line to compensate for the presence of low-stretch monofilaments or braided lines thanks to its elongation which goes up to double compared to a traditional fluorocarbon.

A feature that is very helpful in trolling especially in the last phases of the fight

Braided lines for deep sea trolling

Asso 8X PE PREDATOR and 8X PE EVERGREEN represent the ideal braided lines for deep sea trolling, made both with excellent raw materials.


Extremely round and smooth 8-strand braid, ideal for deep sea trolling.Thanks to the new "round construction" weaving technology, the product has an incredible and constant roundness which allows for extraordinary smoothness and extraordinary resistance to abrasion.


Soft, high quality 8-strand braid.Thanks to "Duracolor" technology, the product has a very high color durability, as well as qualities that guarantee its performance over time.

Lines for deep sea trolling, with Cesare Auberti