Discovering the Asso Fishing Line mainlines for Carpfishing

Entering the world of Carpfishing can seem like an adventure full of unknowns, especially when it comes to choosing the right equipment. A key component is undoubtedly the bobbin thread. The line offered by Asso Fishing Line stands out for variety and quality, offering lines with diameters ranging from 0.28 to 0.40 mm and breaking loads ranging between 10 and 20 pounds. But how to navigate between these options?

The diameter: a balance between distance and safety

For those new to carp fishing, a slightly larger diameter can be a wise choice. This is because, while it limits the casting distance, it offers greater resistance against vegetation, branches or other common obstacles.

Put simply, a stronger line forgives mistakes more easily, especially when learning casting techniques.

In quieter contexts, where obstacles are scarce, you can move towards thinner diameters, even combining them with a shock leader for an optimal balance between distance and resistance.

The crucial characteristics of the thread

Abrasion resistance: Asso Fishing Line lines are designed to withstand the most hostile environments. For situations full of natural obstacles, Asso Mainline Abrasion stands out for its superior durability. Another flagship is Asso Mainline Master, which combines resistance and smoothness thanks to its Fluorocarbon coating.

Sinkability: The ideal line for Carpfishing should rest naturally on the seabed, making it less detectable by the fish. Here Asso Sinking Mainline shines, which thanks to its smooth and oily surface, penetrates the 'water with greater effectiveness.

Nylon or Fluorocarbon? And the color?

Although color is not the most critical factor, Asso Fishing Line has taken care of the shades of its lines to ensure better camouflage.

And what about the material? Alongside traditional nylon, you will also find Fluorocarbon options, such as Fluorocarbon Mainline, which offers advantages in terms of invisibility, sinkability and abrasion resistance, whilst being more rigid.

Our Mainline

And the shock leader?


For powerful and precise casts, the shock leader becomes a precious ally, especially with thinner lines. Asso also offers the Double Tapered Mainline, a monofilament with tapered ends that eliminates the need for knots, facilitating longer and safer casts.