100% Fluorocarbon

Fluorocarbon, appreciated for its almost invisibility in water, offers superior resistance to abrasion, making it ideal in contexts with obstacles.

Its ability tosink quickly makes it easier for the bait to reach the bottom quickly. Resistant to UV rays and salt water, fluorocarbon has an extended service life. With less elasticity than other materials, ensures greater sensitivity, allowing a more immediate response to bites, optimizing fishing effectiveness.

In the 1980s Asso Fishing Line revolutionized the market by introducing the first fluorocarbon line, which still represents an important specialization of the brand today

Fluorcarbon coated lines

The fluorocarbon coating provides the monofilament with an exceptionally smooth and resistant surface and makes it almost completely waterproof and more resistant to abrasion.

The waterproofness guarantees that the resistance remains substantially unchanged even when the thread is wet, unlike nylon monofilaments which can have a high decay of up to 15%. The monofilaments coated in fluorocarbon combine a good part of the revolutionary characteristics of fluorocarbon with the excellent dynamic and breaking load characteristics of nylon, therefore constituting a "bridge" product that tends to make the most of the characteristics of both materials, generally at a lower price than pure fluorocarbon monofilaments.

Tapered lines

Variable diameter conical structure lines, generally referred to as shock leaders. The conical structure lines are made up of a variable section of wire with a larger diameter, able to better resist the shock of the cast, and a thin leader section that matches the fishing line.



Fluorescent lines under UV light, therefore suitable for fishing even at night