Asso 8xPE8 Eging Master is a perfectly refined 8-ply braid made from ultra-thin and resistant nanofibers. The innovative braiding system ensures extreme solidity. The braid is soft and silky. The surface is perfectly round and guarantees incredible smoothness and no sound while passing through the rod rings. The special pink coloring makes it particularly suitable for eging. Especially suitable for reel.

DIAM mm 0.128 0.148 0.165 0.185 0.210
TEST/KG 5.0 6.3 8.8 10.0 11.3
TEST/LB 11.0 13.9 19.4 22.0 24.9
CONSTRUCTION 10x4+20x4 20x8 20x4+30x4 30x8 40x8

Ultra-smooth 8-ply braid made from nanofibers

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