Asso story

Researching excellence for more than 40 years.

Since its establishment in Genoa (Italy) in 1973, GRUPPO DP has always concentrated its efforts in the development and selection of a range of top quality products.

The evolution of ASSO Fishing Lines for leasure, sport and professional fishing started in the first half of the 80s and has marked some milestones in the history of monofilaments for fishing.

In the second half of the 80s GRUPPO DP introduced in Italy ASSO DI CUORI, the first revolutionary fishing monofilament entirely made up of fluorocarbon fibers, an absolute technical innovation for the Italian market.

In the early 90s ASSO DI QUADRI, a revolutionary reel monofilament with no memory, redefined the quality standards of the time in Italy and in many European and non-European countries, providing innovative performances.

Today, thanks to decades of experience and collaboration with our field testers and partners around the world, ASSO can offer the widest range of quality monofilaments for sport, competitive and professional fishing.

ASSO products are distributed globally through the commercial network of Gruppo DP, active in more than 80 countries.